Buster’s Journal

(Dave’s famous dog Buster has been as much a part of the new Canine Center as anyone.  A daily fixture in the offices and indoor training room and a frequent overseer of the yard, Buster felt it was time he contributed his two cents to the operation.  Unfortunately, he’s not very good at meeting deadlines – after all, he IS a dog – so we decided to include this random entry from his journal.)

September 5, 2010

Oh, boy.  Oh, boy.  Oh, boy.  Who’s that outside?  I hear my guy’s voice but I can’t see him.  What’s that smell?  Dad?  Are you out there under the big tree with another dog?  Don’t lie to me, I can smell you.  Sigh, if he only knew how much I smell him.  I like when he gives his lessons inside better so I can set a good example by relaxing quietly on my bed in the corner.  Oh, well, I guess I’ll just hop up here . . .

“Buster, no couch!”

Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m not allowed on the new Cugno’s Canine Center cozy couch.  Sorry, guys, I forgot.  All the change around here lately is getting hard for me to follow.  I remembered to stay out of the training room during painting . . . after I got paint on me.  I remembered to stay downstairs while the electrician was working . . . after I drooled on his tools.  I remembered to bark at the UPS guy, heh heh, although that hasn’t changed.

I am a good dog though.  Trust me; I’ve come a long way.  I used to be so angry and afraid of the world.  Wait a sec . . . ear itch . . . ahhhhhhh, that’s better.  Note to self: figure out phantom leg movement when scratched.  Anyway, where was I?  All this journaling makes me forgetful.  And hungry.

WAIT!  Do I smell bacon?  Gotta run.

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