My Thoughts on Pit Bulls

pit bulls

Pit Bull Myths

Myth: Pit Bulls jaws lock when they bite.
This is completely false. Yes they have strong jaw muscles but they do not lock! Have you ever noticed the shape of a Pit Bull’s head? The head has enormous muscles that give them the ability to bite down and hold pretty much anything including a freight train (note: I do not think has been proven in testing). Yes, they are strong but there is no locking mechanism that prevents them from letting go.

Myth: Pit Bulls are more likely to bite than other breeds.
Nope, once again false – here’s the deal banana peel: Pit Bulls are terriers (American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier). All terriers were originally bred to kill something – mice, rats, and other vermin. By the way, Jack Russells are also terriers – just saying. Pits also have bully breeds in them and you know what bully breeds do? They give kisses that’s what they do. In other words Pit Bulls are nothing but sweet affectionate terriers.

This myth has been made popular because of the Pit Bull’s strong jaw muscles – when a Pit Bull bites someone you hear about it. However, way more Jack Russells bite people then Pit Bulls.

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More About Pit Bulls

Many people are not aware that Pit Bulls are very sensitive. It is always a huge surprise to people the first time they own a Pit and realize how sensitive they can be.

The biggest problem for Pit Bulls are the myths listed above. These stereotypes kill more Pits then anything else. The Pit Bull stereotype causes people to fear them as soon as they see one. The result of that fear is nervousness when around one. The dog feels that fear and may get on edge due to the confusion.

What really makes me sad is that even people in the dog field (like some trainers, for example) buy in to the stereotype. This just reaffirms the public anti Pit Bull campaign and does more damage.

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2 Responses to My Thoughts on Pit Bulls

  1. LeAnn Butler says:

    I have a boxer pit bull mix and she is wonderful and very loveable but I am having trouble getting her to listen and house train. She will be 6months in December. She loves to chew and bite only in playing but when you just want to pet and love her she wants to bite and chew, any suggestions!!!!! We love her!!!

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