Protect Your Dog This Halloween

Halloween safety tips for dogs

Halloween is my favorite holiday after Christmas but as a dog owner it requires a little extra preparation to keep them safe and me happy. Did you know that besides the 4th of July, Halloween is the time of year that more dogs are lost? Here are some tips we want to share to help keep you and your dog safe.

Chocolate, raisins and artificial sweeteners are toxic to dogs

Make sure your stash of treats is out of reach of your dogs. This includes the ones you buy to give away and those you get on your rounds. As Dave says, dogs are opportunists so they’ll be on the prowl to get some treats too. Be smarter than they are to keep them safe.

Secure your dog before opening the door for trick- or-treaters

There is a lot going on to excite a dog on Halloween. Just the number of times the doorbell rings can cause emotions from fear, over-protectiveness and aggressiveness to wanting to be part of the fun by following some kids. (I have German Shepherds so they want to herd everyone!) Don’t risk the heartache of losing your dog or having them scare or injure a child or adult. If you can crate them or isolate them in another room, great, do it. If not, keep them on a leash and under your watch and control at all times.

Costumes can scare your dog

Even if your dog knows a person in normal clothing, a costume can be an entirely different story. If you sense any fear or apprehension in your dog do not let the person approach. This is made easier because you have your dog on a leash, right? Now if your dog is wearing a costume and is uncomfortable with it, he may act out with others, so again, keep him under control. If you are going door to door in your neighborhood, be careful of their dogs as well.

Black dogs are more at risk

People fear black dogs under normal circumstances. They are often the last ones to be adopted and face euthanasia more often just because of their color. My friend Leigh Scammell in Doylestown, PA runs Burt’s Black Dog Rescue and works tirelessly to help these poor animals. Thank you Leigh!

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are people (OK, let me say MONSTERS may they burn in hell!) who kill and abuse dogs out there and on Halloween black dogs and cats are prime targets. I don’t want to be an alarmist but this is the reality.

So remember these tips and use them. With a little bit of preparation, awareness and caution, you can keep your dogs, your family and neighbors safe and enjoy all the fun of Halloween!

Do you have any tips to add? Share them below!

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  1. Anna conley says:

    Sit outside weather permitting to avoid doorbell being rung.. That will keep them calm and give them a busy bone to keep them occupied so they don’t feel neglected while your outside

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