Dave Cugno Interview on TV Show A New Dawn

Recently, I sat down with TV host and broadcast journalist, Dawn Stensland Mendte, for an interview on her show A New Dawn. In case you missed it, here is the interview in three parts.

Interview Part 1:

We discuss my background, my dogs and how I am different from other dog trainers.

Interview Part 2:

We discuss two different dogs I have worked with, Rocky and Ringo. Video is shown of the dogs before, during and after working with them.

 Interview Part 3:

Dawn brings in her dog Buddy and asks me questions about his behavior and relationship with her husband, Larry Mendt.

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2 Responses to Dave Cugno Interview on TV Show A New Dawn

  1. AlanSmith says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing video! I truly feel that dogs can be man’s true companion. I particularly liked the 3rd video shared.

  2. Janie Peskin says:

    Hey Dave…. I just watched your interview with Dawn Mendt and you were GREAT! When Bailey heard your voice he started barking and I brought him up to the computer with me.
    Haha.. he definitely recognized your voice and was watching and listening! Bean reminds me of Bailey (LOL)!
    When I was watching the segments I felt like I was taking a refresher course… really very interesting!
    See you soon,
    Janie Peskin

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